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New Products and Innovations Added to Our Hire Fleet

*Lower CO2, Fuel Burn with Solar and HVO Fuel Capability  

As businesses face uncertain times ahead; maximising efficiency and lowering costs has become more important than ever

The launch of a range of new products here at KABIN HIRE display the varied selection of energy efficient power sources within our  accommodation and welfarefleet  

With the use of solar, hybrid, alternative fuel capabilities and the latest in electrical diversity technologies we are able to lower fuel burn and CO2 output by up to 50% in some cases  

KABIN HIREare now supplying a new larger welfare which displays a lower fuel burn, minimized CO2 output combined with solar and electrical technologies with the ability to run welfare using alternative fuels and battery power alone

For further information please contact our hire desk team for more information: 

click the link below for a walkthrough tour: