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NEW PRODUCT! – Eco Mobile Welfare with Office

Due to increased customer demand and in line with our own fleet development programme, we have now added the Eco GPO500 Twin axle mobile welfare with office onto our hire options list

We are always striving to stay at the forefront of developing technologies which can be applied to our accommodation; as you can see from this latest addition we have solar panels technology incorporated to help lower generator running time.

Solar Hybrid Technology Incorporated for cost savings and lower CO2 output


Dimensions: 6320mm (L) x 2300mm (W)  

Unladen Weight: 2,450kg 

Possible Gross Weight: 2,565kg  


Hot air heating supplied without the need for generator to be running. The generator only required for Hot water system, kettle & microwave  

  • Warm water supplied by on-board water heating system  
  • High Security door and windows  
  • Secured in less than 3 x minutes  
  • 12v LED lighting with PIR  
  • Meets HSE & CDM requirements  
  • Inverter power sockets with USB connection  
  • Powered by roof mounted solar panel with generator back up  

Suitable for up to 10 x persons (Seating up to 8 + 2 personnel) 


Welfare Area:  

  • Table & bench with seating for up to 8 x operatives  
  • Airt blow heating system  
  • Warm water supplied by on-board heating system  
  • Microwave & Kettle  
  • 2 x 20 x ltr fresh and waste water containers  
  • 12V LED lighting with PIR 
  • Inverter power socket with USB connection  
  • Generator control panel  
  • Fresh drinking water container (20xltr)  
  • 130Amp hour battery/charger & battery guard  
  • High level vent  
  • 12v cooler box under seating area  


Office Area:  

  • Table & seating for up to 2 x operatives  
  • Air blow heating system  
  • 12v LED lighting with PIR  
  • Inverter power double socket  
  • Document holder 
  • Whiteboard 
  • Smoke alarm  
  • Sliding window with anti vandal shutter  
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarm